Happy Fathers Day, to all the dads out there, past and present
Happy Father's Day, to all the Dads, past and present. So here is a wedding photography blog showing what I think to be a huge part of every wedding, the role of the dad in all of this. 
Lose the cake cutting, confetti, and sunset golden hour walks for a moment, strip back the wedding day itself, to the stories and relationships between at each and every wedding. I have captured so many weddings, where the dads unfortunately cannot be there, so there is a toast and a time of reflection which can be truly heart warming;  "We know you would be here today, if heaven wasn't so far way", was one of the most wonderful nods to a dad who had sadly passed, I have seen, and is included within the blog. 
Young children, playing big roles I love, the pageboys and flower girls, the moments between them which normally get missed and forgotten, and the dad who became the best man, wedding stories are magical, and let's not forget the dads on dad duty, weddings for them can be like an assault course.
Dad walking son or daughter down the aisle, the first dance between them on the floor for everyone to witness, the embarrassing speeches, the arrival in funky vehicles to wedding venues, Dad seeing daughter for the first time in her dress, special moments, and I have been lucky enough over many years, to get a front row seat, and most importantly, the witness the Dad dancing! We cannot forget the Dad dancing. EVER.
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