To say this all is a bit over due wouldn't be doing it justice. My wedding Photography round up of 2020 and 2021, even just typing this sounds silly.. Yes, this is a blog which has pictures in it I took at the start of 2020, but as we all know we had a pandemic, which put a bit of a spanner in the works, then there was 2021 and here we are, my thinking is to pop the two years in one blog, so I'm up to speed with future couples, as my last round up was 2019. 
I've tried to show all areas of my wedding style, and parts of each day and evening, to give you a brief glimpse of my wedding style, which is important, there is 130 photographs all together attached to this blog, and if you don't like any of them that's cool, but I'd move on and look elsewhere. There is no right or wrong in wedding photography, it's all about getting the right fit and photographer for yourselves, Myself personally I try and keep your day as relaxed as possible, with no awkward poses, it's your wedding day after all, not a photoshoot. This style of wedding photography found me before I found it, I really had no choice in the matter, to me personally there is no other way to shoot weddings, candid and as natural as possible, where possible. I say this and highlight this in BOLD because I also strongly believe that couples, (not all) want some family and friends group pictures, a confetti picture, signing the register, cutting the cake, all these things that may need a little bit of a steer, which is absolutely fine with me.
The shooting style of reportage/documentary photography seems to be in at the moment, and right at the trendy end of eveyone's thinking, which is great for me, but with this comes a whole load of wedding photographers coining this style, and not really stepping up to the candid crease with the images marketing and shown on their websites, this is just my opinion, and probably means nothing, but like I have said I don't believe I am purely documentary, but I genuinely try to be the best I can within this field, and offer this predominantly within my service, I may get a person attending the wedding looking straight at the camera, does this mean it's not natural?, It's all about the moment, the timing and emotion of the day, absorbing the whole experience. 
Thank you to all the couple over the last year or so, it's been tough for sure on everyone, different rules came into place at different times, not confusing at all! 
Hope to see some of you past and present over the year 2022 :) 
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