Welcome to my wedding photography 2023 round up. It's been quite a year shooting in and around Devon and beyond. Ok, I have a confession to make.  One of these wedding included was shot at the very last knockings of 2022, and I couldn't leave it out after my deadline for creating that blog had past. Katie the bride who broke her ankle on the run up to her wedding on that very week, was an absolute trooper all day and night during her wedding to Casey that they deserved to have a mention also.
During the year it was great to re-visit venues, go to new ones and most importantly play a part in them all. The relationships I strike up with couples means a lot to me personally, as after the wedding has been and gone, not all but some couples stay in touch with, through the medium of telepathy - not really - social media, it's like a sliding doors moment, when we don't get the couple/wedding photographer thing over the line, which happens to everyone, and absolutely fine, that seems to be it, but it can also go the other way which is also absolutely fine, too.  
Being part of everyone's day throughout the year has been a privilege, capturing those special moments with the Willy Wonka golden ticket, the front row seat at the ceremony, the getting ready, the first dance, the list is endless. I try my best to make things run as smoothly as possible, with limited interruption from me. 
Two of the weddings featured within the blog were the hottest and the wettest to photograph to date, and considering I shot over 250 this is pretty mad, a definite mix in this year's weather, for sure. 

I hope you enjoy looking through the blog, trying to cut the photographs down to a useable blog size is incredibly hard to do. 
Thanks for your time and to all the couples, vendors and folk I have met during my time in 2023. 
Here's to 2024!!
Please click on the link to see my video round up -It's really short!! :) 
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